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National Exercise Day 2024

 National Exercise Day 

National exercise day is April 18! Regular exercise is important for everyone but is especially crucial for seniors. At Traditions, physical activity is an important part of our residents' daily routine. Our partners at  360 Wellness have prepared some information and resources highlighting the importance of exercise for seniors.

Regular physical activity is one of the most important things you can do for your overall physical and mental health as you age. For older adults, regular physical activity is associated with maintaining quality of life, health, and physical function and reducing the risk of falls.  Regular physical activity is important to maintaining independence as well.  

Exercise has been linked to lowering the risk of various cardiovascular diseases, stroke, diabetes, and various types of cancer, as well as improving overall mental health and function. Physical activity can mean something different for each individual but should include cardiovascular exercise, strength training, and balance training each week. Traditions offer many ways for residents to participate in individualized or group exercise training, which can offer benefits such as socialization and peer encouragement!

Not only are there numerous health benefits to staying active, but regular exercise also releases endorphins (“feel good hormones”) which can help with stress relief and overall happiness and satisfaction. Regular physical activity can also help improve sleep, which is especially important in aging adults.

We hope this information will motivate you to incorporate exercises into your daily routine to prevent disease, improve physical and mental health, strengthen social interaction, and improve cognitive function. Check your community’s activity calendars for opportunities to participate in individual or group exercise and physical activities.

Here are some essential exercises to help seniors maintain a high quality of life while staying in shape and mitigating the risk of falls. 

  • Strength training
    • Chair push-ups
    • Lifting light weights
  • Walking
    • Walk outdoors, weather permitting
    • Treadmill
  • Balance training
    • Sit to stand
    • Single leg stand

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* Please consult with your doctor before getting any exercise routine