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Senior Living Decision Toolkit

What's Best for You?

Moving is a life-changing transition and there is a lot to consider. We are here to support you in person, over the phone and online with resources that help you weigh the pros and cons of staying in your current home or finding a new one designed to meet your changing needs. You can even get some of the questions we hear most answered here.

Is this the right fit for you?

This is your decision. But if we can help you feel more secure in your decision and even more comfortable in your new home, it would be an honor.

Independent Living

Experience maintenance-free living in your own private residence and as part of a lovely, secure community. Stay close to friends and a host of social, recreational, spiritual and educational activities.

Assisted Living

Enjoy the people, places and things you’ve always loved with the peace of mind that comes from knowing our licensed nursing staff is on-site 24 hours a day. Your personalized service plan includes any ongoing assistance you may need with daily care and activities, leaving everything else in your capable hands.

Memory Care

Each senior with Alzheimer's and related memory impairments has a unique life story, something that is very important to how we care for him or her. Behavior-Based Ergonomics Therapy (BBET) relies on the things we learn about your loved one to comfort and connect with them in a warm and nurturing environment.

Check Lists

Home Selling

From phone calls to furniture, simplify selling your home. What to do to prepare.

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Who to Notify

Make sure to stay connected. Notify friends and family and update contact information.

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Packing List

Stay organized and simplify. Bring what you love, then sell, gift donate or recycle the rest.

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How We Can Help

You are probably here because you're looking for information and peace of mind. We'd like to help you find it. 

Maybe you're searching for the feeling of community and a chance to meet friends who will share your interests, a good laugh or a pan of brownies. Someplace that's comfortable, safe and secure, near family, with little to no maintenance. Or maybe you've noticed it's harder to navigate stairs, to do laundry, run errands, cook, shower or keep track of medications. You may have realized that helping a parent or spouse do these things is becoming more difficult for you. You're probably wondering what options are available, if they're right for you and your family and where to begin.

Begin by taking stock of your needs, what's important to you and what would make your life richer and more fulfilling. Then find these things and more at Grove City, a warm, safe and friendly senior living community that promotes independence, dignity and well being for its residents.

Residents and families come to our community because they need answers to their questions, safety, assistance and care. This is assumed, something everyone expects, but we've discovered that quality of life is maximized when we focus on making them happy.